Give Garments a 2nd Chance

2nd Chance Garments

...First ever blog post! I apologise now for some dodgy grammar, weird use of punctuation, slight rambling.

I suppose the thing I would like to do with this blog is for it to open conversations, and make people curious to learn more.

So without further ado, we would like to introduce…

2nd Chance Garments

These are from samples (cut or whole) or dead stock. Mending is done by Kuldip, our master tailor, in Papatoetoe. The pieces are then embroidered by Doug, in his little studio in Central Auckland. We think this is a great way to reduce waste and give these garments a 2nd chance. It is also a wonderful way to involve and create work for locals. Local businesses and economy - yay!

Why the samples? How do they come about?

Sampling is an important part of the garment industry. Overseas bought sample, initial sample, fit sample, size set sample, photo sample, pre production sample, shipping sample, are just some of the types of samples made during the production process. (Are you sampled out by that last sentence?!)

These stages of sampling ensure the garment is being made exactly as specified. The last thing a retailer wants is 500 units arriving that are made incorrectly, not able to be sold or if sellable, customers return :(

On one hand samples minimise waste and money lost on purchasing bad stock, but on the other hand, depending on how the brand or retailer does their sampling it can be wasteful e.g. lovely garments cut for sampling then thrown away when they are not needed anymore.

Thats where we come in! Collecting these cut samples and mending them, is just one small opportunity to keep good pieces from going directly to the bin (tiny drop in the ocean I know!) and increase awareness of the waste that comes out of the fashion industry.

More importantly, we think that being able to create work for businesses and people here - where you and I live! - is great to encourage thriving and healthy local communities. Communities that might not currently have the disposable income to consume sustainably, but maybe in time with support will be able to.

Change can be small sometimes, and not necessarily overnight or have a direct path, but we are moving with intention and this is just where our journey begins!

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