leai se tupe! (no money!)

leai se tupe! (no money!)
Did anyone have their parents say this to them (or in another non-English language) when they were being a little cheeky brat asking for this and that in the shop?

If you google NZ economy right now and look at the news, you’ll see a lot of talk around our economy contracting, inflation, higher interest rates, cost of living increases, consumer spending decreasing as people tighten their ako (purses). Being a retailer in this environment is testing, also a little bit problematic - do you keep pushing your product on people and force them to spend money they don’t have? I personally don’t like the idea of this and feel uncomfortable pushing people to buy buy buy, when they might be foregoing other things - there you go, I’ve just talked myself out of my job 🤣 - what kind of retailer am I?!

So this winter I have slowed down a bit, to reflect, research, and really think what Ourlittlemarket should be. I know I would like OLM to be a market that gives value to our customers (and vendors), whether it be through bloody good prices, great service, stories behind the product, linking people with goods from people they identify with…

>>>This is where you guys come in<<<

I would love to hear what really matters to you? You could be thinking:

  • I don’t think I can spend on myself, but I would like to be able to give a thoughtful gift to someone else.
  • I would like to support someone or a small business that is usually underrepresented in NZ/western retail landscape.
  • I would like to treat myself, for no more than $10/$20.
  • I would like a brown or women led retail space that I can go into and just look, maybe chat, and not feel like I am being profiled, hustled or hit on
  • I would like to hear the stories behind the product and makers
  • I would like to get into retailing or sell something I have created and would love to have some kind of network to bounce ideas off and learn with.

Anyway! Please do let me know…OLM wants to be here for a long time and if we are to be, we can’t do it without you!

I have left comments open…so if you want to leave a note please do :)

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