Stories behind da tings - Jungle Tee by Wekafore

Hi Guys! Long time no post!

Thought I would do a few posts around some of the items we have or have stocked and the stories behind them - because it is fascinating and I am all about the context ! :)

This particular item is the Jungle Tee from Barcelona based West African Brand Wekafore. Being a total geek and wanting to know what the story was behind the tee I wrote to Wekafore to ask...

The tee was part of a 2017 collection called 'Thank you Florence' where designer Wekaforé Jibril had done a lot of research around African Psychedelic Music "I wanted to represent this unique context of primitivity, funk, psychedelia and function in an easily wearable piece. Ever since then it has been a staple of the brand."

The designer looked back to a period where Nigeria experienced an explosion of musical culture in the form of chaotic, charged, raw psychedelic rock music. Music that came out of a post-colonial era of brutal civil war and pent up political frustrations…when the country was rattling with aspirations for its freedom and future.

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