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Living Koko WIK'D Koko - Rum 100g

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WIK’D Chocolate is a little naughty with ethical and sustainable ways of being…

We have soaked our rich Samoan cacao nibs in Tahitian Rum then slowly baked them at the slightest of heats. This has baked in the flavour but removed the alcohol. What you are left with is a deep Samoan Cacao flavour with a hint of Tahitian Rum.

Why you should eat our Artisan Chocolate?

Our artisan chocolates are created using single origin hand picked cacao beans.  Our Samoan Chocolate uses cacao beans raised with indigenous practises by our family and community, who have been growing cacao for many generations. The cacao is then fermented for 7days and sun dried for 1-2 weeks.

Our cacao is roasted here in Melbourne and ground for days to bring through a smooth texture.  We do not add extra cacao butter or other oils as we honour the favours of our beans.  We hand pour and wrap our creations and present an inclusive artisan chocolate, our dark chocolate is allergy safe and can be shared with everyone.

From seed to community the food systems that bring our chocolate to you are owned and run by the indigenous people of Samoa. Focusing on a shared valued approach on our  food systems ensuring that they empower everyone the beans connect with.